Self Storage for Domestic Use 


  • Running out of room in the house?

Many people are reluctant to get rid of belongings they no longer need, especially if they are still in a good condition. Most of us like to hold on to items as a ‘just in case’ or to pass them down through the family. So if you need extra space and don’t want to let it go, whatever it is put it in storage! That way the item can be kept and won’t be taking up space in the house.


  • Moving house?

Unfortunately, the number of people having to move out of their old houses before being able to move into their new one is increasing. Many have nowhere to store their belongings during this period however a storage unit is the ideal answer for these people, along with this if you are downsizing but don’t want to throw away or sell anything just yet. Why not put it in storage? It’ll give you time to decide what stays and what goes.


  • Expecting a little one?

Preparing for a baby isn’t easy, but with self-storage it can be. We all know that with a little one comes a nursery meaning you need to clear out a spare bedroom to start decorating, but you won’t need to sell anything on eBay or throw it away because you never know when you might need that bed again. So, put it all in storage, where you can access all these items whenever you want. It’ll make these next 9 months’ stress free.


  • Seeing the world?

Are you planning on travelling the world? But are worried about all your belongings then, we have the answer for you! Storage containers will allow you to keep all your personal, precious items in one place, that is secure and well protected. Also, many students decide to go travelling after university before entering the big, wide world! And we all know that students gain a lot of unnecessary items over their time at university, and the likelihood is there is no room to store it at mum and dad’ house anymore, a small storage unit would be perfect for all your keepsakes.


  • Need help due to family matters?

This sadly effects many of us and in this situation selling a property or moving family belongings may be necessary. If you are moving the contents out of a home of a loved one, with self-storage things can be made a little easier and this will allow you time to make the right decisions.

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