Make the most of your space!

When storing it’s important to place items in your space in a safe and orderly fashion;


  • If you know that there will be things you’ll need to access more often then set them aside and place them near the front, close to the door.


  • Place all heavy or bulky items in the room to provide a good stacking base, and be sure to stack your boxes right up the ceiling allowing maximum storage. You may want to bring steps so you can reach the boxes at the top.


  • Being organised is always useful, to keep track of what you’ve stored and where each item is, create a floor plan of your unit as you go and stick it on the inside of the door so you always have it when you need a particular item.


  • Use any extra space you can, if you’d stored an empty wardrobe then why not fill it with books, CD’s or even small light boxes to ensure you can fit all your belongings in your unit.


  • To aid ventilation, avoid stacking or leaning furniture right up against outside walls – leave at least an inch. Also, ensure refrigerator and freezer doors are left open.


  • Always place a protective cover over soft furnishings. In fact, all larger items should be protected with dustsheets – which are available to buy on our website or in-store.


  • Don’t place heavy or bulky items on sofas or mattresses because this may cause them to break, you are right in thinking that the sofa or the mattress may be extra protection but unless you want to keep your sofa or mattress then we strongly recommend that you do not place these items on top of them.


  • Depending on the size of your unit there may not be much floor space therefore to save floor space by storing soft furnished sofas on their ends. Once again this ensures you use as much as space as you need and you’ll be able to fit everything into one storage unit.
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